Susan Krenn

Executive Director 

Susan KrennAs executive director, Susan Krenn leads the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Program’s work in 40 countries and a staff of more than 700. Throughout her 35-year career at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, she has demonstrated her ability to build, manage and lead teams and deliver project results consistent with the mission of the Center and the School. Susan brings more than 30 years of expertise in implementing health communication programs for family planning, safe motherhood, reproductive health, malaria, child survival, TB, democracy and governance and HIV/AIDS. Her areas of expertise include strategy design, program management and facilitation, among others.

Prior to assuming the role of the Center’s executive director in 2009, Susan was director of CCP’s Program Unit. She also served as regional director for CCP’s Africa Division between 1994 and 2008. Susan has worked professionally in 15 countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, including a three-year field position in Nigeria.