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Research Shows Sustainable Gains in Kenya and Uganda

Years after the population, health and environment program, new findings suggest many communities have continued to nurture the seeds planted.

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‘It Isn’t in Our Customs’

CCP researchers found that many COVID-19 prevention strategies were seen as “anti-social” in Côte d’Ivoire, leading to less adherence. This knowledge has helped reframe COVID-19 messaging in the African nation.

In Malawi, Communities Work Together to Raise Malaria Awareness

The tactics seem to be working: In April, the Juma community registered 44 cases of malaria. In June, there were only 15.

Busting Myths to Prevent COVID-19 in Guyana

A COVID rumor tracking system in Guyana created MythBusters materials to successfully provide the public with valid information and promote preventive behaviors, a CCP study finds.

CCP Gets $17 Million to Prevent Malaria and Improve Treatment in Mozambique

The Fighting Malaria with Social and Behavior Change project is designed strengthen the skills of Mozambicans to promote healthy behaviors.

Celebrating the Successes of CCP Health Program in Bangladesh

Akiya Akhter, married as a teen, was able to postpone having a baby until she was 20. Aproma Marma, after losing her first child to malnutrition when elders insisted that she eat and sleep less during pregnancy, now has a healthy two-year-old. Mahbuba Siddiqua changed …

In Contraception, Who Really Makes the Decisions and Why it Matters

While couple communication is a key to uptake of modern contraception in Ethiopia, researchers say such communication is hindered by gender norms that ultimately let the man be the primary decision maker.

Using Empathy to Overcome Mistrust in Youth Family Planning Counseling

The ‘Empathways’ tool is meant to lead providers and young potential clients through a process that tries to overcome mistrust by fostering empathy to improve family planning.

Radio Programs Spread Crucial Malaria Information in Nigeria

A CCP initiative is helping inform community broadcasters who share health information with their listeners.

Three Insights to Help Overcome COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Research conducted under CCP’s Breakthrough ACTION project is beginning to understand and target demand-side barriers to improve acceptance and uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine.

With Malaria, ‘We Need to Be Problem Solvers’

“The global malaria community is at an inflection point,” say authors of a new commentary. A shift in mindset is urgently needed.”

Building a Bridge to Boost Health Clinic Visits in Nigeria

When rains kept women from pre-natal visits and delivering their babies at the health clinic, CCP worked with local authorities who gathered resources to build a bridge over the flooding.

CCP Teams to Share Successes in Improving Confidence in COVID Vaccines

Two CCP teams – from Bangladesh and Côte d’Ivoire – will present their COVID-related work at a global virtual meeting on generating demand for COVID-19 vaccines.

Project Spotlight

safe surgery for women sbc capacity
CCP Joins New $40 Million Safe Surgery Project

The global project is designed to promote awareness of, and equitable access to, safe surgery for women. The project will team up with local partners to improve childbirth outcomes and better meet people’s voluntary family planning needs.

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