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Helping Parents Talk to their Teens About Sex

Facing a teen pregnancy crisis in the Philippines, CCP and partners have launched a social media campaign for parents of teens to help them talk about love, sex and relationships.

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Supplying Pharmacists with Helpful COVID-19 Information

In Indonesia and the Philippines, CCP is learning what COVID-19 information pharmacists lack and then providing them with tools and education they need.

CCP Boosts Call Center to Limit COVID-19 Spread

When COVID-19 hit, a health call center in Mozambique couldn’t keep up with demand. With the help of CCP and USAID, everyone can now get the answers they need.

How Should We Talk About COVID-19?

Uttara Bharath Kumar, senior technical advisor for social and behavior change at CCP, discusses the role of effective communication in stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Five Things to Think About on World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day is an annual global campaign to improve awareness of modern contraception and to enable young people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.

Radio Program Promotes Mosquito Spraying in Zambia

CCP and Zambian health officials successfully engaged traditional leaders and worked with local radio stations to promote malaria-prevention behaviors, including indoor spraying for mosquitoes.

CCP Releases Interactive COVID-19 Prevention Dashboard

“Until we have a safe and effective vaccine, behavior change is the only tool we have to stem the spread of the virus,” says CCP’s Susan Krenn. “This COVID dashboard will help us more efficiently focus our behavior change efforts.”

A Q&A with ‘Godmother’ of NURHI

Susan Rich has been involved with the CCP-led Nigeria Urban Reproductive Health Initiative since it began 10 years ago. In this Q&A, she reflects on a decade of NURHI as it comes to an end.

CCP Helps Johns Hopkins Protect Itself from COVID-19

As Johns Hopkins University navigates the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new outreach effort is urging collective action. CCP is using its social and behavior change communication skills to help protect the health and safety of staff and students.

Training the Media to Share Facts on COVID-19

CCP has trained journalists on how to provide the best information to ensure the public understands all it can about COVID-19, including how it is spread and how people can best protect themselves.

Gates Foundation Q&A: ‘NURHI has Worked to Strengthen … Local Voices’

CCP talks to Rodio Diallo of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who manages the Foundation’s family planning portfolio in Nigeria, about the successes and sustainability of the work of the NURHI project, which ends this year.

Pandemic Brings Special Delivery for People Living with HIV

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the most common way to get antiretroviral therapy in Côte d’Ivoire was to go to the health center every month. Now, CCP is bringing it directly to the homes of people living with HIV.

'This Has Made My Work Easier'

Testing everyone for malaria who comes to the clinic with a fever could be a game changer for overburdened health systems dealing with malaria. A new testing protocol in Nigeria was developed by CCP.

Project Spotlight

safe surgery for women sbc capacity
CCP Joins New $40 Million Safe Surgery Project

The global project is designed to promote awareness of, and equitable access to, safe surgery for women. The project will team up with local partners to improve childbirth outcomes and better meet people’s voluntary family planning needs.

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