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Philippines Readies for Back-to-School with COVID Prevention Campaign

With most schools in the Philippines closed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 and distance learning challenged by a number of factors, the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs-led Breakthrough ACTION project is working with the government to get children ready …

New Award Puts Ethiopian Youth in the Driver’s Seat

CCP is part of a new five-year, $60 million, USAID-funded Integrated Youth Activities (IYA) project led by Amref Health Africa to help empower young people in Ethiopia with the knowledge and skills they need to live successful lives.

Rapid Research Results Aim to Boost COVID-19 Vaccinations

CCP used technology to quickly assess attitudes and barriers to COVID-19 vaccinations — and to respond with new messages to increase vaccine uptake.

CCP Helps Millions Get Vaccinated in Bangladesh

Working with the government, CCP helped some of the most vulnerable people in Bangladesh access COVID-19 vaccines last month. Now, building on that success, another mass vaccination is scheduled for next weekend.

In DRC, Sharing Testimonials From the Vaccinated: ‘You Have to Go’

With low COVID-19 vaccination rates in the Democratic Republic of Congo, CCP is using testimonials from those who have already chosen to be vaccinated to help others understand why they should, too.

USAID Awards CCP $10 Million to Continue COVID-19 Vaccine Work

The additional money will be for work in 12 countries in Africa and Asia to promote the use of COVID-19 vaccines to help end the pandemic.

What Influences Miners in Guyana to Seek Malaria Care?

CCP study finds that starting conversations about malaria could encourage gold miners in Guyana to be promptly tested and treated for the disease.

Children Under Five Dying from Economic ‘Side Effects’ of COVID-19 Pandemic

Economic downturns in 129 of the world’s low- and middle-income countries due to COVID-19-related lockdowns, border closings and more may have killed hundreds of thousands of children under the age of five in the first year of the pandemic.

Study: Regular Bed Net Users Take Better Care of Nets

The findings suggest that explicit messages around proper storage could extend the lifespan of nets and increase protection against malaria.

‘I Like What the Health Care Workers are Teaching These Days’

CCP’s Ujjiban project provides counseling to pregnant Bangladeshi women and their family members on reproductive health and family planning.

In a Pandemic, Connecting with Youth on Reproductive Health

CCP’s Knowledge SUCCESS project helped create a series of “Connecting Conversations,” with youth and those who work with them, to discuss the best ways to promote adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health.

Digital Tools Remain in Lagos as Family Planning Project Ends

CCP increased modern contraception use among patients in private-sector hospitals, and left behind digital tools to help sustain success in the coming months and years.

Project Spotlight

safe surgery for women sbc capacity
CCP Joins New $40 Million Safe Surgery Project

The global project is designed to promote awareness of, and equitable access to, safe surgery for women. The project will team up with local partners to improve childbirth outcomes and better meet people’s voluntary family planning needs.

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