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More Than 8 in 10 Unvaccinated Americans Don’t Want a COVID Vaccine 

New data from the COVID Behaviors Dashboard, developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, show that 82 percent of those who remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 in the United States have little or no interest in ever getting a vaccine.   The findings, collected …

COVID-19 Keeping Young Adults in Uganda from Many Health Services

Ugandans between the ages of 18 and 29 say their access to services such as family planning and maternal and child health has been limited by the pandemic, according to a CCP survey.

Making the Case for a Malaria Vaccine

Social and behavior change experts are already strategizing about how to communicate the vaccine’s benefits caregivers and health workers.

10 Lives, 10 Stories, One Message on Family Planning

Winners named in contest developed to gather 10 firsthand accounts of how social and behavior change approaches have been used by people and organizations to improve family planning outcomes.

Focus on Contraception Needs to be Every Day

September 26 is World Contraception Day, but we need to be working all year round to increase access to modern contraception for all women who need it, says CCP’s Executive Director Susan Krenn. COVID-19 and other barriers are making this work more difficult.

Helping Parents Talk to their Teens About Sex

Facing a teen pregnancy crisis in the Philippines, CCP and partners have launched a social media campaign for parents of teens to help them talk about love, sex and relationships.

COVID behaviors - vaccine acceptance
CCP Launches Massive Global COVID Behavior Dashboard

A new interactive tool captures knowledge, attitudes and behaviors around vaccines, masking and more from 12 million people in 115 countries.

USAID Awards CCP Another $15.2 Million for COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts

CCP will use the additional funds to promote COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and prepare for future pandemics in 18 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Putting Five Nigerian States in Driver’s Seat on Family Planning

“After four years of support, these states have now … taken full ownership for driving and implementing high-impact interventions to improve their respective family planning landscapes,” says CCP’s Victor Igharo, who directs The Challenge Initiative in Nigeria.

Social and Behavior Change Activities are the Missing Piece to Family Planning Success

A new commentary led by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs argues that global family planning goals will not be met until there is “a more intentional focus on the science of human behavior.”

COVID-19 Song Reminds Guatemalans ‘Never Let Your Guard Down’

COVID-19 prevention campaigns created by CCP in Guatemala have been updated with new messages as the pandemic has evolved since March 2020.

Using Digital Technology to Reach More Children with Immunizations

So-called real-time monitoring can assist teams in low- and middle-income countries by monitoring their progress, tracking supplies and seeing where there may be pockets of children being missed in hard-to-reach areas.

Project Spotlight

safe surgery for women sbc capacity
CCP Joins New $40 Million Safe Surgery Project

The global project is designed to promote awareness of, and equitable access to, safe surgery for women. The project will team up with local partners to improve childbirth outcomes and better meet people’s voluntary family planning needs.

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