Measure Demographic and Health Surveys

dhsThe Measure DHS project, funded by USAID, is a five-year project implemented by ICF Macro.

The DHS program provides assistance to countries with the Demographic and Health Survey, the Service Provision Assessment (SPA) Survey, the HIV/AIDS Indicator Survey (AIS), Malaria Indicators Survey (MIS) and qualitative research. project.

Since October 2008, ICF Macro has partnered with five internationally experienced organizations CCP, PATH, The Futures Institute, CAMRIS International, and Blue Rastter to expand access to and use of the DHS data.

CCP’s role focuses largely on dissemination activites at both the country and global level.


Time Frame:

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  • Supported the develoment and dissemination of standard country packages for the DHS data which include: national seminars, key finding reports and fact sheets, press releases and guidance on interpreting DHS tables.
  • Developed additional dissemination materials and activities in selected countries such as wall charts, atlases, training on data use, and special topical publications.
  • In Bangladesh,the team supported journalists’ training, conducted dissemination workshops in at the sub-distrcit level, and have integrated key DHS findings into curricula for religious leaders and health workers.
  • In Kenya, through a collaborative effort with key national stakeholders and FHI, MACRO supported the development and dissemination of key findings on adolescent health using the DHS and other data available from partners. The booklet has been distributed to all principals in the Ministry of Education system.