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Springboard to Strengthen Global SBCC Capacity

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) today launched Springboard for Health Communication, an online network that offers a virtual “home” for social and behavior change communication (SBCC) professionals. Springboard is designed to foster the exchange of SBCC knowledge as well as share best practices from

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Encouraging Safe Motherhood in 26 Episodes

“Since a large percentage of the Zambian population owns or has access to a radio, the Radio Distance Learning Program will provide an opportunity to bridge the information gap and help promote desirable behaviors,” explains Dr. Joseph Katema, Minister of Community Development Mother and Child

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Swahiliwood Filmmaking for Change Begins in Tanzania

In Tanzania, when I think about CCP, I think about the Fataki campaign, Wahapahapa radio drama and malaria initiatives. I don’t think about training for screenwriters and filmmakers,” says Abdu Simba, a Tanzanian script consultant. “But now that’s changed.” This sentiment expressed by Mr. Simba

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