Vision and Mission

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At CCP, we believe in the power of communication to save lives, by empowering people to adopt healthy behaviors for themselves, their families and their communities.
Good health is critical not only to an individual’s well-being, but also to community and national development, impacting educational and economic success. With projects in more than 40 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America along with work in our hometown of Baltimore, CCP’s portfolio spans the globe.
Through decades of experience, innovation and research we have proven that communication works. What we do has increased the use of modern contraceptive methods to better space pregnancies and the use of bed nets to prevent the spread of malaria and inspired more people to be tested and treated for HIV. It has helped people access clean water and helped more children get vaccinated. It has provided lifesaving information on threats such as Ebola and Zika, giving people the knowledge they need to protect themselves from serious harm.
We do this through methods high-tech and low. We’ve pioneered the use of storytelling and entertainment to encourage people to make healthier decisions, of using mobile phone apps to provide the most current and factual information on reproductive health and newborn care, of bringing people together in their community to discuss how to improve the local health clinic. Our groundbreaking research has advanced the understanding of the ways in which communication can be measured and evaluated, including how we identify barriers to behavior change at individual, household and community levels. And we’ve inspired a network of passionate, informed health communication professionals around the world.
CCP does not simply provide information. We work in partnership with local teams and partners to change social and behavioral norms in cultures that often have deeply rooted – sometimes harmful – social and cultural traditions, low literacy and high poverty, weak health systems and a high disease burden. We are not content with incremental change. We work to ensure that good health is accessible to all.
Leadership: We are the pioneers in the field of health communication, and continue to be leaders and innovators, heading two major global health awards from the United States Agency for International Development: Breakthrough ACTION and Knowledge SUCCESS.
Creativity: CCP designs messages that resonate and characters that are memorable, using entertainment to educate and inspire behavior change. CCP often challenges the status quo with humor, drama and persuasive storytelling.
Innovation: CCP is not partial to one communication approach. We use what our experience tells us will work best with the people we need to reach the most. Staying on top of social trends and the newest technology helps us provide timely, appropriate and meaningful information.
Expertise: CCP’s faculty and staff are world leaders in health communication design, implementation, and research and evaluation. We are widely published in academic and professional journals and conduct workshops to shape future generations of health communication professionals.
Impact: CCP’s work improves health and saves lives.