COVID-19 & Emerging Infectious Diseases

We cannot know when or where the next emerging infectious disease will appear but that doesn’t stop us from preparing for it. Outbreaks aren’t just life threatening. They also pose threats to livelihoods and economies, and can undo decades of progress made on other public health fronts. 

Before we have a medical treatment or a vaccine for a new disease, communication can be the most effective tool we have to contain outbreaks by spreading the word about prevention measures, preparedness and containment. To accomplish this, we use proven crisis management and risk communication skills. 

At CCP, we’ve been on the frontlines in countries around the world battling epidemics like Ebola, Zika and, now, COVID-19. More than any other tactic, communication can correct misinformation and rumors, provide credible facts and change behaviors to stem the spread of infectious diseases. For example, with COVID-19, strategic communication is vital to build acceptance for new vaccines once they arrive and educate people about safety and effectiveness.

With more than 30 years of experience, we at CCP are prepared to hit the ground running, no matter the challenge.


When COVID-19 emerged in 2020, it went from unknown pathogen to pandemic in a matter of weeks. People all over – including in the Philippines – lacked information on how to protect themselves from the highly contagious and dangerous virus.

With the zip-bam-pow of stylized superheroes, the BIDA Solusyon campaign was launched by CCP, the Department of Health and 28 public and private sector organizations including those in the retail, food service, information technology and insurance industries. This unique public-private partnership was built on the notion everyone could be their own “Bida” or “hero,” in adopting prevention behaviors to stop the spread of COVID-19. In the first six months alone, the campaign reached more than 160 million people on social media. More recently, BIDA focused on the promotion of COVID-19 vaccines, using new videos and the tagline, “Get Vaxxed for Good Vibes.”

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