CCP leads the field in strategic health communication related to HIV and has significantly advanced global knowledge over recent years. Strategic health communication programs have consistently been shown to be essential when tackling behaviors closely linked to the success of HIV interventions, such as voluntary medical male circumcision, support for adolescent girls and young women, HIV counseling and testing and treatment adherence.

CCP projects have included focusing on prevention of HIV among vulnerable adolescents and young women, providing case management services to orphans and vulnerable children, linking sex workers and men who have sex with men to treatment and increasing HIV testing services, specifically among men.

CCP has pioneered innovative approaches with attention to gender, risk reduction and community engagement resulting in improved service uptake across core PEFPAR outcome areas in every country we work. In Cote d’Ivoire, for example, the number of men reached has tripled in one year alone with more than 75 percent of those who participated in our intervention being tested for HIV.

In Malawi, the One Community project provides ongoing services and support to more than 100,000 orphans and vulnerable children and their caregivers through its network of more than 2,000 community health workers who assess needs and develop individualized case plans for ongoing services.

The development of client tracking and follow-up for those on antiretroviral therapy in Mozambique resulted in 89 percent of those who had abandoned ART resuming treatment through an efficient and low-cost model of data collection and patient follow-up.

In Swaziland, CCP has trained more than 6,000 community leaders, including chiefs and their wives, on issues related to HIV and how to create safe spaces for adolescent girls and young women. As a result, some chiefs have taken a stand against early childhood marriage, requiring birth certificates be shown before allowing a marriage and fining men in the community who disobey.

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