Interpersonal Communication for Immunization

The Interpersonal Communication for Immunization website is part of a global package of tools and resources designed to support frontline health workers in their immunization work, with a focus on improving their capacity to effectively use interpersonal communication to address barriers to immunization uptake and completion. There are a number of materials and resources that also are directed toward sub-national supervisors of frontline health workers who interact with caregivers and communities regarding immunization. Other resources are intended for UNICEF regional or country offices, national immunization program managers and implementers, and sub-national entities such as district health offices and educational institutions who can adapt package elements to reflect country/local needs and realities.

The core IPC/I package was developed as a comprehensive global package of 12 different components that would be broadly applicable to FLWs and immunization programs worldwide. However, as the immunization and communication context in each country differs, national immunization programs are invited to adapt the package components to suit their needs and context.

UNICEF developed the tool with help from CCP.